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Feb 28

quote Bruised and battered.
Torn and tattered.
Look at me. It doesn’t matter.
Still got some fight left.

— John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls) - “Keep the Car Running”
Aug 15

"Cats and Cats and Cats" by Liquid-Mushroom
Mar 30



Gancanagh, or “love talker,” comes from Irish mythology and is a male fairy-heartthrob that is literally irresistible to women. The attraction and lust he inspires is so intense that some women die from withdrawal after they’ve had a taste of his bad touch. He is said to be the last of his kind, and he roams the forests alone, assuming he can find the time between all the passionate affairs.

You can normally spot Gancanagh by his smell, but if you are of the male persuasion you might find a debonair little man with a clay pipe and a farmer’s hat. He has no shadow and no animal makes a sound when Gancanagh is around. His dark, baritone voice is all the sound his forest and lady-friends need. 

This lil’ fairy fellow has what every man wants: pungently addictive pheromones secreting out of his pores. Essentially, we’re talking about the Tom Selleck of the fairy world. Gancanagh’s scent lures many a maiden towards his forested-digs, so what else can he do? Other than them, I mean. 

After fornication, Ganacangh disappears into the mist, leaving his new maiden to pine the night away. These women are left in incredible states of depression, and often die shortly after from withdrawal, over-pining, or fighting over Gancanagh’s love. 

Mar 25

Randy Conner 
Mar 12
Persephone necklace by that I am getting

Persephone necklace by that I am getting

Mar 12


I am currently brainstorming ideas for my Hades and Persephone story again. I hope to post the next part sometime next month. Sorry for the wait (I’ve been sick, then I had to get a new computer)

Dec 16

My Crappy Computer aka Persephone and Hades Story on Hold

Sorry followers, My Persephone and Hades story will be on hold until I get my computer fixed in the new year.

I will still be posting cat photos from my iphone.

Dec 10

An Old/New Story for You

Hi, I’m just recovering from an infection and have made notes on the next chapter or so of Persephone and Hades story. I will write it and get that out to as you as soon as I can:-)

In the meanwhile, here is an old story from high school that I wrote for you to read to tide you over. It was for a contest and had to be a certain length and is rare because it is actually finished!


(c) Alyson Kinley Yurenko

They said they were going to burn her. It would only be for a couple of minutes and then it would be all over, they assured her. She was certain that it would be over, one way or another.

She didn’t know what she had done to deserve this. If they were so eager for blood to be spilt, she would happily oblige. Her fingernails had grown during the last few weeks. If she were to press them hard enough against her wrist… She had no problem with dying; it was the pain she feared the most and being burnt to death was certainly not the way she wanted to die.

She paced the room like a caged lion. There was no way in hell she would think of it as her room!

A woman came in and asked her what she would like for dinner.

"What am I doing here?", she asked.

The woman looked taken aback.

"Oh my dear, haven’t you remembered yet?", the woman asked clucking her tongue like a mother hen.

"Why won’t you tell me?", she shouted.

"Calm down. Go back to bed", the woman said, dragging the reluctant girl back to the bed. "Dr. Beckett says that you must remember on your own, that you have implanted a memory block and only you can unlock your memories of what happened".

The woman was spouting off at the mouth like she was a fanatical disciple and Dr. Beckett was the mistress of some weird cult practicing Freudian psychology.

"Do I have amnesia?"

"How do you know what amnesia is? You’re only twelve! Relax!", the woman said, pushing her back down into bed.

"How do you expect me to relax?!", she yelled, shoving the woman away, "I don’t even know why I’m here or what’s wrong with me!".

"Now you quiet down unless you want me to call Dr. Beckett in here!", the woman ordered, her voice becoming crisp and stern.

"Why won’t somebody help me?", she cried out in anguish after the woman left, pounding angrily on the one way glass.

Her voice echoed mockingly against the rubber walls.

Just then, Dr. Beckett and two men garbed in clinical white attire entered the room.

"Natalie Pierson", one of the men asked consulting a clipboard.

The girl nodded her head nervously.

"Come with us please".

Dr. Beckett and the two men led her down a long brightly lit hallway. One of the men unlocked a door at the end of the hall and Dr. Beckett led her in.

Natalie wondered again briefly what it would feel like to be burned alive all along her nerves, as Dr. Beckett strapped her onto the stretcher. The two men attached several electrodes to her scalp.

Why couldn’t they understand that what she wished for wasn’t death, but love and acceptance, Natalie wondered just before her thin body was wracked with the first convulsion.

~ END ~

Nov 26

brokenwings-learntofly said: I just wanted to tell you how much I love your wip story, Persephone and Hades have been one of my favorite things to read about since I was like 4 and I love the way you've written them so far. :) Te details as well as the charecterization are surpurb, and I hope you have fun writing the other parts af this fantastic tale.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate all the positive feedback:-)

STORY UPDATE - I will be writing the first full week of Dec

                       - I will post the second full week of Dec

Nov 24


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